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“This was something that I needed and Cynthia was so welcoming and provided a safe space to simply be and let go! Grounding myself in this space with these people felt like a release of all the things. Simply a magical experience!”

- A.D.

“I loved everything about Cynthia’s Release workshop! From her warm welcoming energy, beautiful space, guided meditation & movement with beautiful souls - it was all amazing. I feel uplifted, my heart is full, and I am ever so grateful!“
- T.I.

Cynthia has had a great impact on my life. Through the safe space she creates, I have been able to grow as an artist and express my passion/love for dance, especially freestyle. 


At 19, I was bursting with emotion and stories that deeply desired to not only be expressed, but witnessed and honoured. As if she heard my hearts prayer, Cynthia offered me the opportunity to partake in the creative process and performance  of one of her projects (at TAP Centre for Creativity.) Three years later, the impact of that experience continues to reveal itself in the ways I relate to myself and to the world, in the ways I confidently make art, and in the ways harvest connections from the local London community. Within the space that Cynthia created, I came to know real safety and permission to be, which propelled me into my own galaxies of authentic and healing creative expression. I am more myself because of Cynthia. 

- A

Cynthia’s combination of passion, determination, artistry and a true love for her dance community is a rare find and I am so grateful to be part of her company and creative process.

- C


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